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    My first Mystery Dungeon game was Blue Rescue team. Skitty was not technically my first Pokemon. I think I played as Chikorita and a few others but quit in the beginning of the game. When I got Skitty as a test result, I completed the game with her first. My name was Angelpuss (I used to play Neopets a lot and that was the name of a Petpet) and my partner was a Pikachu named Zippo. My team name was Pokesavers. I think I got to the second-to-last Rank (Lucario Rank?) before deleting the file. I've completed the game with most of the Pokemon available except for a few, no tsure which ones.

    As for Explorers of Time, I don't remember who my very first team was... it might very well have been Skitty again. I remember my very test result I got a Munchlax but I hate the Pokemon so I didn't play as it lol. Actually, the memory is coming to me... yeah, my first Pokemon WAS a Skitty, don't remember her name, and my partner was a Turtwig named Rex. What was the team name? I think it was team Legendary or something. One time I was a Skitty and I beat Dialga on the first try, whereas I think I was a Bulbasaur once and it took me a whopping 30-35 tries
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