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    As the boat pulled up to the pier at Oak Island, Wyatt felt his heart racing, and some sweat accumulated on his brow. "This is really happening, huh, Boo?" The Gastly floating around Wyatt smiled and nodded. "Gas-Gaaaastly!" Gaia was in her pokeball, but Wyatt was sure she was excited to venture to a new place, too. His eyes scanned the whole island as they approached. "Gosh, I can't wait to explore every single inch of this place!"

    Wyatt donned his Suicune Dorm jacket when he left the boat. He had a massive backpack on his shoulders, which carried his violin, clothes, notebooks, writing materials, and all sorts of other things. The straps dug into his shoulders, chafing them, but the new jacket padded his shoulders nicely. He wore it over a dark brown t-shirt and some green camo shorts. His brown, worn sneakers were a bit of a point of embarrassment for him, as he looked around, approaching the school for the first time.

    He hoped that his experiences here would help him learn more about Pokemon, and how to take care of them. He also hoped that he could improve his battling skills, train Boo and Gaia, and maybe even catch some new Pokemon.
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