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Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
I have no intention of completing these medals, because a number of the requirements are utterly ridiculous. I am not playing the minigames, I am not going to torture myself with the world tournament, and I am certainly not going to even attempt to beat the Elite Four with one Pokemon, just so I can "earn" a medal. Overall, it's a rather pointless addition. I don't know if it's supposed to motivate me to actually do some of these absurd things in the game, but sorry, mission failed.

Overall it feels like a forced attempt to pad the length of the game.
In LeafGreen I have at least 40 hours just doing nothing, so I think this is to keep the after-game a tad bit more interesting, because believe me, many people mess around in the post-game for no reason really.

For example, after beating the E4 enough times you'll take it on yourself to beat them with only one Pokémon. This is just making it more justifiable why the hell you do that.

Of course, you may not do it, but believe me many people do.

I had a sort of "internal" medal system going already, so this is just putting that on paper.

tl;dr not padding, enhancing.
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