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    Eventually, Patrick and Phanpy made it to the Pokemon Centre. Patrick struggled to get to his feet, as a doctor in blue scrubs, noticed both of their conditions. The doctor rushed to Patrick and his Pokemon. 'Are you okay young man? And your Phanpy isn't looking too well either... Were you attacked on Deck?' Patrick shook his head and panted. 'Hey doc... No we weren't attacked on Deck, we did have a battle but it was nothing serious.' 'Well son, there appears to be something wrong with your leg I noticed that you had your Phanpy carry you in here.' Phanpy tooted at the doctor as Patrick giggled a little. 'Yeah, Phanpy are naturally capable of carrying humans on their backs despite their size, and Phanpy just likes to help me out when I need it. And yeah my leg has been acting up ever size I got into Cherrygrove.' The doctor began scratching his chin. He looked at his chart and looked back at him. 'Well, I could give you a quick examination to ensure that everything is okay, as my timetable is free. Please come this way.' Patrick nods as he whistles to Phanpy for him to follow.

    The doctor's examination room was a small little cabin with a wooden desk, a bed, a computer and cabinets showing to contain many herbs and remodies. The doctor, Patrick and Phanpy step in the room as they close the door be him. The doctor pulls white paper from a roll out over the bed and pats it for Patrick to hop up. Patrick puts down his back and takes off his scarf, he gets out a Passho berry to keep Phanpy occupied. He hops on the bed as the doctor sits on his chair next to the computer typing information in. 'Okay, let's get started, my name is Doctor H. Ealer.' The next 5 minutes continued in Dr. Ealer asking Patrick a number of questions in which had to answer to be on the doctor's records, regarding his; name, D.O.B, where he lives, etc.

    After the details were recorded, Dr. Ealer swong round on his chair. 'So Patrick you say it's your leg? Could you roll up your jeans for me?' Patrick nodded as he pulled up his right leg as the blue frost like marking weren't as bad but the wound was still bloody. 'Well, well, it appears you've got a minor Frostbite on your leg. Nothing to worry about.' examined the Doctor. The trainer gulped. 'F-frostbite? How could I get that?' Ealer folded his arms and thought, 'Well. You say your from Olivine and you escaped there this morning? Unless you kicked an Glalie or some sort of Ice there is no other way you could have frostbite.'

    Phanpy jumped up looking ashamed. It tooted it's trunk. Patrick had never seen a Pokemon so humble and affectionate toward him, especially a Pokemon he met a few hours ago. Patrick began tearing a little and smiled. 'Phanpy hop up for here, it's alot comfier!' Phanpy tooted and jumped up and snuggled into Patrick crying a little, as Patrick petted Phanpy. Ealer smiled at the two. 'Doc, is there anything you can do to make my leg feel better?' Dr. Ealer nodded and swung around and pulled out 3 Pokeballs. Patrick and Phanpy looked shocked as he opened them to releasing a Jumpluff, Poliwag, and a Chimecho. Patrick was amazed! 'Doc, your a trainer?' 'Well, in a way yes, but my Pokemon help in taking care of my patients.' laughed Dr. Ealer.

    'Let's get started shall we! Poliwag use Water Gun to wash out Patrick's frostbite! To ensure there is no bacteria in there to possibly infect it.' The tadpole shot a gentle stream of water at Patrick's leg, however jerks with how much the water is stinging his leg. 'Jumpluff use Sweet Scent to make Patrick and Phanpy chill out and relax'. The Cottonball Pokemon jumped up and the cotton spores in it's hands began puffing out an aroma which reminding the pair of the honey they smelt in Cherrygrove. Dr. Ealer went down with a bandage and rolled it around Patrick's leg several times to make sure that it was tight and that it would make his leg heal faster. 'Finally, Chimecho, use Heal Pulse and Heal Bell to give Patrick more energy and cure some of the freezing!' The wind chime Pokemon began singing and shot a pink lazer at Patrick's body which made it give him a little boost. After it then started shaking it's tail, making the atomsphere in the doctor's room so peaceful.

    'That's you Patrick, I wish you all the best!' exclaimed Dr. Ealer to Patrick. Patrick had just snapped out of imagining how tasty the honey would've been. 'Wow! My leg feels as good as new! Your Pokemon are super awesome! Doc!'. Phanpy jumped and tooted applauding the other Pokemon as they all blushed at Phanpy's words. Chimecho's eyes glowed bright yellow as it shot a star around Phanpy healing it's body. 'Good work Chimecho! That Healing Wish is as magically as ever!'. Patrick stood up with Phanpy and they both felt as if they were in the best shape!

    'Wow Dr. Ealer that was amazing! Thank you so much! And thank you three guys too!' Dr. Ealer waved at Patrick with a grin. 'Just doing my job Patrick, come back at any time if your struggling.' Patrick nods and heads out on deck with his Phanpy to explore the rest of the ship!
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