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Danielle Accola & Megan Sandoval

“Yeah, the lecture looks like a piece of cake.” Danielle replied to Lucia, who had accepted the offer to study with her and Mark. She then moved her desk close to Lucia, making sure that the feet of the desk isn’t obstructing any Pokemon feet…or wing, anywhere. Danielle then turned to Mark and invited him to join them as well, throwing a “come on” signal to him.

Megan sat there from her desk, glancing at the students studying for the pop quiz. She was excited that the class day was going on great, and there was minimal interruptions…well, except for Mark’s Ninjask. She glanced at Bree and Mimi, who were right beside the classroom door. Avan and Leah were right next to Megan’s desk, observing the Suicuner student, Nika, studying right next to her. Avan jumped up and down to see most of the bug-type Pokemon floating in the air, especially a giant Beedrill and a Beautifly.

Bree came forward to Megan and purred at her. “Espeee…”

“I’m glad class is going on well. Ready to be a referee to many of these battles?” Megan asked the Espeon

Bree nodded, “Espee!"

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