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Originally Posted by Dawn#1fan View Post
1. she is so cute (only) i cant really watch the movies but shes my fav im obsessed
2.i dnt know her pokemon
3.her cheerleader outfit caus shes pretty

plz let me in (i want to learn about her)by:-)
Hi, welcome to the club! May I ask what you love about Dawn so much? :D

Dawn's Pokémon are Piplup (which refuses to evolve and is her main partner), Buneary, Pachirisu, Mamoswine (which started off as a cute little Swinub and then evolved into a grumpy Mamoswine which took about 5 episodes before it'd listen to her commands), Quilava and Togekiss (which was a gift to her from a Princess in Sinnoh :3), as well as an Ambipom which she got from Ash (it was his Aipom but wished to do contest battles instead of gym battles so she traded her Buizel for it which she'd recently caught and which wanted to do gym battles) but unfortunately she released Ambipom because it wanted to train in Pokémon table tennis instead. x] She also spent an episode with a Grimer as her partner which was absolutely adorable! <3

Just say what you'd like to know about her and we can do our best to fill you in so that you can take part in all the discussions here. :D