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    "Wwwooooow! Your Pokemon are GREAT!" Wyatt exclaimed, without an ounce of sarcasm. He released Gaia from her pokeball, and the Grotle emerged with a great big yawn, and a smile on her face. Gaia plodded over to Yuri. "Hello there! Wanna be friends?" Boo circled around Kayla once more, before descending to the Deerling. "HEY! How are you? Hahaha, don't be afraid!" Wyatt smiled and held out his hand, hesitating. "Is it...Okay...?" he asked as he extended his hand to pet the Skitty on Kayla's head. His hand brushed through Kayla's hair a bit in the process. "Sorry." he apologized, blushing even further. He stroked the Skitty behind the ears, and smiled. Wyatt's Pokemon continued chattering on to Kayla's.
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