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    It's all comes down to your preference then. I'm not sure why you went with individual scenes rather than plotting out the story first as that should make writing it a lot easier. Anyway, I guess I could point out disadvantages and advantages with the perspectives if you like.
    Well I'm one of those people that writes by the seat of his pants. Useful for whipping out a paper in comp, not so much for putting together a story. I can plan who I want and the general direction but everything else I just have to wait for. Like now, I have what looks to be my ending and lots of middle but no beginning.

    I'd also suggest reading to get a bit of foundation.
    That's actually why I'm soo late in replying. I started to look through this fourm's fanfiction archive for a little help and I stumbled upon: The Thinking Man's Guide to Destroying the World.
    I ended up having to obsessively read it all. It probably wasn't the best to help me with my perspective problems since I tend to naturally want to switch perspectives when writing.

    This all has been very helpful, I think I'm going to rough it with first person.

    P.S: I didn't think about getting a beta, I really thought you would need to be almost finished before getting someone to look at it.
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