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    Wyatt Wyvern (Raikou Dorm)

    Training Academy/Pool

    Wyatt was wandering around the Trainer Academy as he had been through only one building and he had an Urge to explore. He skipped classes because he felt that knowing the layout of this place was more important. After about a minute of pondering which on-campus building to check out in its entirety, Wyatt ran into a building that seemed half like a dome to him from the outside. As soon as he got inside his jaw dropped. The place was almost like a giant aquarium with an Olympic-sized pool. The water in the pool mesmerized Wyatt and before he knew it, he was staring at it for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes. After breaking out of his trance he got an idea. Since the pool was empty he could use it to train all his Pokemon. Instinctively he grabbed the three black Pokeballs, with one red ring at the top of them all, within his jacket and tossed them with ease to the center of the pool. (Wow and they actually landed where he aimed them to land).

    X-Ray made a little splash when landing the pool and started roaming around the edges of the pool, close to Wyatt but away from the other two. As soon as Draco touched the water she skillfully dove to the bottom of the pool then shot up above the surface of the water doing a flip before disappearing deep in the water. Neptune splashed largest of all the others in the pool, nearly soaking Wyatt, being caught off guard and not being ready to swim. Wyatt laughed half to himself and silently wished he could swim and that he had even brought his wet suit. Draco and Neptune started sparring after a few, X-Ray and Wyatt sat by as bystanders as the two rivals stood to outdo the other. Draco was thrashing about in the water once Neptune got close, and at first glance it might have appeared she was drowning but instead she maintained mobility while dealing damage. Not realizing that he might lose if he stayed nearby, Neptune did the same. The two fighters were sending water soaring in the sky. Wyatt felt proud for rescuing these three pokemon and he couldn't wait to see who won the friendly spar.

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