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    With the sound of a click, the pokeball became motionless. “We did Charmander!” Dante yelled as he grabbed Zubats pokeball. Charmander began to jump up and down clapping in celebration. Charmander then started making hand and body motions resembling a trainer throwing a pokeball. “No I had better not let him out of his pokeball yet, you beat him pretty good, plus he’s got a burn, he’s better off in his pokeball until we can get him healed” Dante replied. “Come on, let’s go find a pokemon center” Dante said as he dropped Zubats pokeball into his left pocket.

    The two made their way through the crowds of people on the deck, the deck was a hotbed of people battling and socializing during the evening. Walking into the pokemon center, Dante approached the counter and said, “Hello, I was wondering if I could have my pokemon healed?”. “Sure thing”, said the nurse. Dante pulled out Zubat and Charmnaders pokeballs, “See ya soon Charmander” he said as he returned the lizard pokemon to its ball for the first time since he got him. “It’ll take about 15 minutes for them to be healed” said the nurse as she took the tray containing the two pokeballs. “Thanks, I’m gonna go shop around for a bit” said Dante as he headed towards the stands selling various merchandize.

    Dante walked out into and area full of stand selling various items of varying degrees of usefulness. He saw one guy wearing a green wig and white suit trying to sell time-shares at some island he’s never heard of, “This doesn’t seem like a good place to sell time shares” he thought as he walked pass the the oddly dressed man. Dante also walked by a man trying to sell a magikarp to every passerby, making claims about it brining good luck to its owner, he cited some obscure kanto myth as his basis for this. “Better avoid that guy, im not even sure if what he’s doing is legal” Dante though as he walked pass the man.

    Despite some odd vendors, he did find some usefull things for his journey, including a backpack with lots of storage space and pockets, a poke-gear, and a belt with clips on it to attach pokeballs to. After making his way towards the pokemon center, Dante picked up a couple potions and antidotes, along with his free super-rod from the pokemart. “Glad mom and dad gave me some money before I left, I left pretty unprepared”.
    Re-entering the pokemon center, Dante picked up Charmander and Zubats pokeballs from the nurse and made his way out to the deck. “Okay guys time for you to meet on friendlier terms”, Dante said as he threw both pokeballs into the air, they both opened and Charmander and zubat materialized in front of Dante, Charmander on the ground and Zubat flying in front of the trainers face. “Hey Zubat, im your new trainer now, are you cool with traveling with me?” The Zubat let out a slight shriek and seemed to nod its head.

    “Great!, now let’s go eat”, Dante said as he made his way toward the cafeteria with Charmander and Zubat following closely behind. “Did they feed you guys at the pokemon center?” Dante asked, both of the pokemon nodded. Dante got a burger and fries inside the cafeteria, he also crabbed an orange and said down and began to eat. As he was eating his burger, Zubat began to sniff the orange “You can have it if you want it” Dante said. The Zubat bit into the orange and drained it of juice in seconds, turning it into a prune. “Better that orange than Charmander” Dante joked, with Charmander nodding in agreement.

    Making his way to his room, Dante locked the door, threw his backpack and other things on the small table next to the bed. As Dante stretched out on the bed, Zubat grabbed a hold of the coat hanger on the door with its feet, curled it wings around its body and fell asleep upside-down. Charmander curled up next to the bed and was quickly asleep himself. “What a day, I wonder what tomorrow will bring….” Dante thought as he drifted off to sleep.
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