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Originally Posted by Novykh View Post
I think that dating at a young age is nothing more than asking for trouble for yourself. The reason being not that it is a waste of time or a distraction so much but rather for the fact that you are still maturing. The person that you are then is going to be far different from the person you are when you graduate high school, and then college, or land a career or even a menial job.... At such a young age you have no idea what you are truly looking for in life. It's something that you never want to admit at that age, but something that as you mature shows itself to be invariably true. While you can share your lives together at this moment you have yet to realize that in most cases you are going to wind up in different places in your life, head in different directions. And at that age especially you aren't in control of your future as much and are subject to your parents whims and desires. So if they began to operate in a manner inconsistent with your dating, then it is again only going to lead more strife.

At these ages you barely know anything about yourself, much less your "other half." You think you know, as we all do, but the harsh reality of it is that you don't. When you live your life, experience the world, that is when you find out what you want; you realize exactly who it is as you accomplish and fail at things in life. This is pivotal to dating, as it will determine not only who you would be compatible with but how you would eventually support your possible family to come(even if it is just a family of two!). These are things that you are never going to understand when you are young. People tend to jump the gun on their feelings all the time, adults are guilty of this just as much as children are. However when they believe they've found "love" on the sole basis that they've finally found someone that they could "date" when in reality the know little of them. They might know lots of factual things such as their birthday, parents etc. but they don't know their quirks. They don't understand how their brain works. What makes them sad and angry, nor do they understand how to make up for such things. This is mostly due to the fact that they don't understand themselves and don't really have an idea of what it is they truly want. While the time is different for all of us, you need to be in a mentally mature and stable state to date people; you need to actually be working towards your life and realize that a relationship is only one aspect to your life. The novices in the world of dating often give themselves up in their entirety for their significant other, and when the weak bonds crumble, so too does everything that they are as they depended on this other person to support their heart's wants for as long as THEY desired.

In the long run, people can do whatever they please in the legal boundaries. But if you are truly concerned with your happiness then you are going to want to wait until you are in a state of positive assurance to your life before you commit to anything that hits so close to home.
I think this is what my subconscious was looking for when I originally posted this thread.... :3 I like your point.
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