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Originally Posted by kenshin- View Post
Absolutely... Zekrom would win the battle... only by default. If reshiram doesn't come to fight or if Reshiram is sleeping at this time.

The Reshiram's tail seems like a turbo jet reactor. To fly an harrier (I'm not sure about two 'r' in the name of this fighter) use fire in his reactor. Not thunder.

Zekrom is good enough to work for a battery maker. I heard that Duracell want to engage him.

It'a joke I make a party to obtain him... also because I think I would need him to have kyurem.

But I'm not interested by his electric type.
Don't worry you don't need any of the legendary to get Kyurem, although, you would need only ONE of them if you'd like to fuse Kyurem and (said legendary) together.
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