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    Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
    Did you extract those movement permissions directly? If so, the "02" and "3B" permissions match up with the ones in gen three ("tall grass animation" and "Person jumps down over block," respectively.) Weird.

    Anyway, I have an idea for a map editor. I think anything that isn't a 3D model is a 2D tile (as shown above with how movement permissions are handled), so therefore we just need an A-Map that works with a z-axis, in layers. I believe this might be sort of how Game Freak did it: 2D tiles on a 3D plane.

    For this to work, this new A-Map-esque program could be made to change only what is on the axis you are on. For example, if you want to edit a water tile on "z, -1", selecting "-1" for the z axis will only show/allow editing of tiles on -1. If you want to change a flower on "z, 0", just select "0" for the z axis. If a mountain tile is on z axis 2, select "2", etc.

    I know there's already a map viewer for 4th gen, so maybe that could be made to edit the tiles, too.
    I'm not sure if any of this has been thought up already/can't be done with the current knowledge of 4th gen map loading/etc., so I might've just wasted everyone's time xD
    The values shown in that picture are extracted directly from the game, so yes, they match many of the RSE ones.

    As for real map editing, Gen IV maps (and the same goes for Gen V) aren't made up of 2D data in a 3D plane. Each map is a true 3D model, composed of vertices and triangles. That's why they are difficult to edit: because we need a full 3D modeller.

    However, this tool already supports importing/exporting of models in the native Nintendo DS models. There's a way to create them from 3ds studio max, but it involves official Nintendo plugins, and I can't post links to them (it's like posting a rom). But I will make a tutorial on them soon.

    Also, I've started working on another tool. I can't say anything about it because I want it to be a surprise, but I'll only say one thing: it's gonna be HUGE :D
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