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    Dragonite - I remember back when I played Pokemon Blue, that one day, I struggled for over 4 hours to catch a Dratini in the Safari Zone. And then, when I finally caught it, I started leveling it, until it evolved into Dragonair, and then finally Dragonite! But I didn't stop there - it's the first Pokemon that I got to level 100

    Jolteon - It's my favorite Eeveelution. All the eeveelutions are awesome, so my favorite has a special place in my heart <3

    Mewtwo - It's my favorite Pokemon. Not because it's the strongest, I don't care about that, but it's just a really cool Pokemon!

    Zoroark - When I saw how brave this awesomely designed Pokemon fought in the movie "Master of Illusion", I just fell in love with it. Since then Zoroark has occupied my desktop xD

    I think that's it... for now.

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