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Update 7

OK I really have not done any thing other than level up a few Pokemon lose two Pokemon and replace two Pokemon. When i arrived at Skyla's town (i cant spell it) i went to route 7 caught a Cubchoo (named Frosty) and sent it to the Pc, then Hothead died at the hands of a wild Zebrastrika which was an accident, i was meant to send out Splinter but i hit hothead and did not pay attention so i sent him to his death and lost a Pokemon i actually liked. So i went to the PC and dumped Hothead and got Frosty. I then lost Bambi in a wild Pokemon battle which i did not mind and went to the tower caught a litwick (named it Inferno) and continued to level up a bit and saved it.

Current Team

Splinter LV 35

Rock Slide
Focus Energy
Chip Away
Wake-Up Slap

Vanilla Lv 35

Icy Wind
Ice Beam
Mirror Shot

Taylor Lv 35

Water Pulse
Air Slash

Frosty Lv 29

Icy Wind
Fury Swipes

Sterling Lv25


Inferno Lv 26

Night Shade
Flame Burst


Current Graveyard

Leo the Purloin Lv4
BirdBrain the Pidove Lv9
Gale the Woobat Lv10
Furball the Herdier LV 17
Pyro the Pansear Lv 24
WhamShell the Dewott Lv 29
Snappy the Krokorok lv 28
Bambi the deerling Lv 22
HotHead the Daramatain lv 36


Deposited Pokemon

Slave the Patrat (unusable)

Thoughts as of yet.
My favorite Pokemon on my team fainted due to a stupid accident but i have to move on i was lucky enough to replace him with another fire type which was good but yeah not exactly thrilled about this challenge and i cant wait till i finish the gen 5 Pokemon are not really that good in my opinion.[/QUOTE]
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