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    Nika Valentine

    It took Nika a second to realise that Mark was speaking to her. He wanted her to study with them? She had never had any offers like that when she was at school back home, all the other children were either horrible to her or tried to pretend that she didn't exist at all. And since setting out on her pokemon journey her contact with other people had been limited to the pokemon center, the pokemart and Gym Battles. Even when she had made it to the next town she generally preferred to camp on the outskirts, where she felt she belonged. Solitude had become second nature.

    "I'd love to study with you, if no one minds." She answered.

    Why had she said that? She'd put away her ideas of friendship a long time ago, accepting that her pokemon would be her only real companians. Why did she feel the way she did at this boys offer, like an ocean was raging in her chest and a stone weighing down her stomach? They could probaly be categorised as hope and dread, but those were conflicting emotions. It would be impossible to feel both things at once.

    One of the girls would probably object to the idea anyway. There wouldn't be enough space for another person and their desk, they were nearly finished anyway so there was no point, she was an ugly freak and they didn't want a bug maniac loser like her anywhere near them. Nika took off her flatcap and smoothed back her hair as she waited for the judgement of the other girls. Girls were always far more cruel than the boys.

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