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    Rion Mazer

    Rion bounced awkwardly on Deena's back, her having returned his other two Pokemon to their balls while he drifted in and out of sleep. His head was blissfully blank from his long nap in the woods... or had it been the woods? Mm... this was what happened when he slept for too long in the middle of the day. He was all disoriented now.... He yawned slowly, reaching to rub at a socket that had nothing there before remembering and switching hands.

    Where are we going? he thought to himself, feeling Deena's patient padding forward suddenly slow to a halt as she promptly dropped him on his butt. "You're awake now," she told him. The rest of the words were clear enough to him. Get up and walk. He obeyed her without too much complaint. He didn't exactly know what direction, but... he would figure it out by following the light. The bright shiny light...

    As he stood up, he thought he saw a glimpse of metal around one of his wrists. Shaking his head, the image blurred away to nothing and he got to his feet, wholly confused. "Mun.... maybe I should start sleeping on beds when I'm tired..." He followed Deena into the stadium, leaving the charm glinting on the road.

    Inside the room was food, lots of food. There were too many choices. Rion gulped. Now what...?
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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