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    Originally Posted by Spiky-Eared Pichu View Post
    As for real map editing, Gen IV maps (and the same goes for Gen V) aren't made up of 2D data in a 3D plane. Each map is a true 3D model, composed of vertices and triangles. That's why they are difficult to edit: because we need a full 3D modeller.

    However, this tool already supports importing/exporting of models in the native Nintendo DS models. There's a way to create them from 3ds studio max, but it involves official Nintendo plugins, and I can't post links to them (it's like posting a rom). But I will make a tutorial on them soon.

    Also, I've started working on another tool. I can't say anything about it because I want it to be a surprise, but I'll only say one thing: it's gonna be HUGE :D
    DS map editing may be hard, but we've come so far already. There are so many tools for the ds (not as many as for Game Boy+GBA), including this one and the one you are working on. Can't wait for it BTW.
    ps I may or may not be working on one myself.

    And you can even create 3d models too!? That's awesome!