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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Au contraire. Throh and Sawk are both available in the Pinwheel Forest outer area in B/W, one in shaking grass. Both are fighting types.

I do agree that Lenora was the one I had to take a second crack at. I also went in against Clay early just to see how he battled. His "starter" was annoying too, but after some leveling, he had no hope.

Also adding in that there was Timburr too. :3

Anywayyy... I always win the first time (if I lose, I reset), but I sucked the most against the earlier ones because I couldn't grind as much as I could later on in the games (or at least, grinding was harder).

Also the dragon gym was hard because so many dragons (!) and it was hard to escape without having faced everything. The actual leaders were okay, though!

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