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    Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
    I don't know if this would go in the script help thread, but I want to know if this is possible. I want another character to have their pkmn use fly and take the player to another location, and during the fly sequence, I want to pause or delay the faded screen from fly and have a message appear, as if they were talking while flying.
    for example:
    player is with blue, blue does the "pkmn uses HM movement", and the animation of using fly happens while taking blue and the player.
    then the screen stays black as a message sequence happens, so blue is speaking while flying the player.
    After the message ends, the landing part of the fly sequence happens and blue and the player appear in a new location.
    It is in fact doable, or at least, fake-able. This is key:
    setanimation 0x0 0x1
    doanimation 0x1E
    This will play the "Fly-Pokemon-Swooping-Down" animation. So, to do what you want, you'd need to do something like this:

    1. Make a msgbox with Blue commanding someone to fly
    2. Display the swooping Pokemon, and hide both you and Blue
    3. Use the warp command to go to a different map, filled with black tiles
    4. Have a level script to the talking part
    5. Warp again to the next map
    6. Use the swooping Pokemon animation to look like you're landing, in another level script
    7. Continue.

    Originally Posted by shinyabsol1 View Post
    I have an odd problem. For some reason, when I try to surf, my game (FR) restarts itself. Everything goes normally until right after the pokemon animation bar, which is when it restarts.

    I have no clue what could be causing my game to do this. Anyone know what's going on here?
    From the way it sounds, it seems like your game is hitting a loop or a road block when trying to display either the surfing Wailmer sprite or you in surfing mode, which the emulator handles by restarting. Are you using JPAN's engine? If it does, I'd make sure you're avoiding using variables 0x4054 to 0x4059, which are responsible for hero switching, and have given me problems when I use them.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.