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    Bay had collapsed for a moment or two before he had disappeared, and the taller girl seemed to gather the smaller girl into her arms before talking to both the remaining lads, Total Himself and another.

    "Um... alright. We're heading south to Oreburgh on our way to Mount Coronet. Follow along if you want."

    Total Nodded and fell in behind Lucy as she started to head south.

    "Urr - I suppose this needs to be asked and or said - My names Total - what about you guys? And are we going to get a spirit for someone?"

    As he spoke, he gazed up into space, or down at his feet, wondering if this was the right thing to do, as he walked just behind the girls, he began to wonder if there will be any food or if he will have to go hunting for another soul to consume, the last thing he wanted was to attack and kill another kid, unlike the adults, the kids that scurried across the once great Sinnoh region had not yet been coloured be the woes and evils in the world.

    Total, Do not worry - if anything goes wrong, we will survive... remember that my young friend.

    As Dusk spoke out to him from within his mind, a smile spread across the young boys face, knowing that most physical damage would not harm him anymore, being fused with a ghost type (Dusk had not outright said he was a ghost type pokemon, but Total had guessed from what powers he had inherited even with out changing into his fused form.)
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