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Welcome to Hidden Potential! Feel free to look around my shop, something may just catch your eye. Need something bred? No problem! I offer high quality breeding without RNG abuse. You may not get a perfect, or shiny Pokemon form me, but you will get something that was bred with hard work and lots of care! I have many events to offer as well, for you collectors out there, and even people who just missed an event they wanted. Be sure to leave my shop a rating! So, let's start trading, shall we?

You can almost always find me in the Trade Corner IRC channel.

1. No spamming.
2. Be respectful. To me, to other traders, and pretty much everyone.
3. Be patient. You will get your trade if we have arranged it, but sometimes it may take a while for me to breed something, or set up my system for the trade. Plus I do have a life so don't expect me to put it on hold just to trade with you.
4. No hacks. I cannot stress this enough. I am not interested in hacks, and I do not hack. I am willing to accept clones though, as long as you tell me it isn't the original.
5. Don't ask me to RNG. I don't know how.
6. Do not request through VM/PM. I will ignore you. Only request through the shop.
7. Once you have made a request, please wait until it is complete to make another request.
8. 1 breeding request per person at a time. I can have a queue of up to 5 Breeding Requests. If my queue is full, do not request or you will not get anything.
9. 5 Event requests per person at a time. I'm tired of setting up large trades. They're time consuming and I always fall behind. This limit does not apply to file trading.

Update Center
11/11 - Added several Sinnoh Trio events
9/29 - Added Modest ポケスマ Cubchoo
9/29 - Added Quirky ポケスマ! Zoroark
9/29 - Added Modest きょうえん Shelmet
9/29 - Added Lax きょうえん Karrablast
9/29 - Added Jolly SMR2010 Jirachi

Trophy Case
Not for trade!

#248 Tyranitar ♀ (level 100)
OT: Rex ♂ (HeartGold, 4007/64714)
Jolly - Sand Stream - 25/31/10/12/3/18
Earthquake - Stone Edge - Crunch - ***
My first Lvl 100. Also my first Tyranitar after returning to Pokemon. Lucky ATK stat!

#130 Gyarados ♀ (level 61)
OT: Rex ♂ (HeartGold, 4007/64714)
Lonely - Intimidate - 24/30/11/17/21/3
Aqua Tail - Ice Fang - Thrash - Dragon Dance
Red Gyarados may not be unique, but I believe they are lucky, as this one got me through some tough times.

#6 Charizard ♂ (level 36)
OT: Rich ♂ (White, 43054/34444)
Bold - Blaze - 27/16/8/31/1/8
Flamethrower - Dragon Pulse - Crunch - Dragon Rush
This is my first non-event Shiny Pokemon. It took me forever to breed. I shall treasure it forever.

#374 Zero (Beldum) ♁ (level 1)
OT: PCX ♂ (Black, 10/60606)
Adamant - Clear Body - 31/31/31/13/31/31
Take Down - *** - *** - ***
I won this Pokemon in the PCX Shiny Raffle.

#540 Sewaddle ♂ (level 2)
OT: Necrum ♂ (White 2, 8170/32973)
Quirky - Swarm - 31/1/28/13/15/7
Tackle - String Shot - *** - ***
My first wild encounter shiny! I found this little guy within a week of BW2's release. Talk about lucky!

#359 Aladdin (Absol) ♂ (level 30)
OT: Necrum ♂ (White 2, 8170/32973)
Naughty - Super Luck - 4/31/27/6/19/31
Aerial Ace - Double Team - Swagger - Thief
My first real entry in a TC challenge. Paired with Syd's Gardevoir, Jasmine.

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