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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I was incredibly surprised to see you here, you aren't active in around three years! But I am searching resources and other stuff since around 2010 beginning, so I checked several topics, even some older ones, just like a good developer hunting resources need to do.

    About the movement, are you talking about the m/s pauses or the stepping animation? The first one its a strange problem in some PCs> In my tests this problem disappears after the first game minutes, I thinks that the computer automatic adjusts to this game as this problem is indifferent if you have save files or not. The second its because I prefer than the ones with the new stepping animation, because I thinks the newer is too fast, but I probably change it on a new version.
    Yeah, I've moved on in life but am obviously still interested in gamedev, so I stop by every now and again to see what's up. However, Pokemon's one of those things that you can never quite get over and, if you loved it as a kid, you will love the rest of your life. I like to see if any of the games here can interest me enough to play it and yours certainly did. I'm only rank 1 so far but hey, progress is progress!

    As for the movement, it just doesn't seem smooth. I don't know what causes it (probably would have known when I was still developing but I can't even remember how to import tilesets anymore lol) and that's the only way I know how to explain it.
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