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    OK, I'm going to try with my questions again!

    1) Does anybody know of an Egg move editor besides FinalZero's? That is irritating to use and doesn't work with my modified Emerald ROM for some reason (unless Pelipper can learn actually learn Flamethrower, that is, or Wynaut can learn anything).
    2) How can I add new trainers without it messing up my ROM? I added one new trainer to Emerald with HackMew's A-Trainer (Youngster Billy) and put him on Route 101. Everything works fine, except when I battle him, he's called 'Youngster ??????' in battle and every other Trainer's name either disappears (e.g. it says 'YOUNGSTER wants to battle!') or gives me a very long list of glitch characters and then resets the game.
    3) Does anybody know the offsets to the ASM routines or whatever to the Pokémon animations in Emerald? I don't need to know how to access or modify them, just to identify them and maybe copy-paste them onto other Pokémon.