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Wyatt Donaghue

Wyatt smiled at Jasmine. "That's okay! Pokemon take on qualities of their trainers as they spend time together, so I bet you'll be friendlier next time we see each other, Jasmine!" He looked to Kayla's other Pokemon. "Hi, guys!" Boo and Gaia both turned to greet Primrose, Rosemary, and Jasmine. "Hi there! Nice to meetcha!" Boo said as he hovered around the other Pokemon. Gaia smiled, yawned, and fell asleep. Wyatt shrugged at her. "Gaia likes to sleep. ...Well, so do I. ...OH! Well, it was nice to meet you, Kayla! I'll see you around some other time, I really should go to class!" Wyatt recalled Gaia into her pokeball, and shuffled off into the school, smiling and waving at Kayla and her Pokemon. Boo laughed and swirled around them once more, before following Wyatt into the school.
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