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    Originally Posted by Novykh View Post
    I think that dating at a young age is nothing more than asking for trouble for yourself. The reason being not that it is a waste of time or a distraction so much but rather for the fact that you are still maturing. The person that you are then is going to be far different from the person you are when you graduate high school, and then college, or land a career or even a menial job.... At such a young age you have no idea what you are truly looking for in life.
    You ultimately shouldn't know. And relationships along the way will shape you, and turn you into the person you'll end up being for someone. New experiences are what allow you discover what you really love in life, whether it pertains to relationships, careers etc. You're not looking to get married at 14, but being in a relationship can help you learn something about yourself and others.

    Originally Posted by Novykh View Post
    When you live your life, experience the world, that is when you find out what you want; you realize exactly who it is as you accomplish and fail at things in life. This is pivotal to dating, as it will determine not only who you would be compatible with but how you would eventually support your possible family to come(even if it is just a family of two!).
    And this kind of contradicts your point, to some degree. As a corollary to what I said above, being in these relationships from a young age does allow you to realize what works, what doesn't, and ultimately what you want in a relationship. So when it comes time that you feel you're ready to settle down, dating is not new territory, you already have an idea of the kind of relationship you want to have.

    Originally Posted by Novykh View Post
    While the time is different for all of us, you need to be in a mentally mature and stable state to date people; you need to actually be working towards your life and realize that a relationship is only one aspect to your life.
    The bold is true, thus you cannot define a certain age to start dating, or when people are mentally mature. Yet I feel you're always working towards your life. It all goes back to experiencing new things, and these experiences having an effect on the rest of your life.

    After reading this post again, I thought I had made better points, but whatever.
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