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Hello. I'm going to try to explain things as I think of them, if you have any questions or comments though, feel free to ask for a better explanation.

In my other story a Nurse Joy heals trainers and pokemon.
It is reasonable to have a pokemon centre to have facilities to treat humans. I mean, if you're travelling in the wild, there is a high chance for your pokemon to be injured as well as you. After all, the wild is (I apologise for a lack of a better word) wild, who knows when an urasaring is going to jump out from behind a tree and maul you.

This makes having hospitals null though, doesn't it? So, what I like to do is just give a pokemon centre enough facilities to keep you alive for a while and treat minor injuries but, getting surgery and stuff would happen in a hospital.

I figured that Potions would heal cuts and bruises while a Super Potion can take care of broken bones.
Well, applying that just for pokemon seems reasonable enough.

Here comes the answer to the grand question. Would items work on humans?

I doubt it. If I have a lack of creatine, I really don't think that eating a 400mg Rejuvenate Plus tablet is going to solve my problems. Then again, if you explain it properly, (something like both kind of cells being eukaryotic, so some organelles re-occur in both species, and as a result if you use a potion stuff happens) I wouldn't mind.

The status restorers would take care of things like poison, burns, paralysis
I guess a burn cream could work across species? But, a burn heal gets rid of the burn completely, not speed up the process, so really it's like the same sort of a situation explain it well enough and it's good.
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