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I'm not picking up the iOS version. :/ The only thing I have that runs iOS is a first generation Touch that I got second-hand from my brother's friend and it has dust under the screen and the audio doesn't actually work all the time. I don't think it would even run the iPhone version of TWEWY (which I'm not paying $17 for wtf!). My roommate has an iPad but I don't feel like a watered down version of TWEWY--because that's what it is to me without the partner system in tact--is worth $20. :/ It would be nice to see it with the HD art but not worth it.

I'm also really mad at S-E for hyping up the iOS release like that. They never do countdowns and when they do, it's for things that are more exciting than, well, a port to iOS with no functional additions to the game. :/ Don't really wanna support them for hyping the fandom up so much and then having only an okay port to show for it.