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    No Antidote was a pretty good fic that had (spoilers alert) a Bulbasaur give its trainer an antidote because they were attacked by Beedrill, so the trainer also got a cut. As it turns out, the antidote gave the trainer medical problems, because he wasn't even poisoned to begin with. And it wouldn't have worked anyway, in my opinion.

    Pokemon physiology is a lot more complex than humans. For one, they can control a certain type or element, which I bet gives them a stronger immune system and a stronger method of repairing damage done to their bodies. This is also what leads me to believe that Pokemon can take stronger medicines that act almost instantly upon use, whereas humans probably have to wait a bit. It's believable to have a Nurse Joy who treats both people and Pokemon. They are medical professionals anyway, but I feel like they'd have to have a ton of training for both people and Pokemon.

    In any case, I don't think it's believable to have Super Potions heal bones, because bones don't exactly work that way. They're internal, so a spray won't do much. However, Potions can do wonders on sprays and bruises, so that makes sense to me. I suppose Super Potions don't make much of a big difference in my eyes. I guess what I'm trying to emphasize is that Potions are mainly directed toward Pokemon, because it's made more for Pokemon rather than human usage.

    If everything's well-explained and makes sense, however, I don't particularly mind having Potions somehow heal people. But if it's 'just because' then I do mind. Sorry if I kinda went off and said completely irrelevant things. I'm exhausted.
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