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Mako Reese
Oreburgh City - "Dad"

After trekking through Route 206, the two finally reached Oreburgh City. The city certainly wasn't in horrible condition, it had no reason to be; after all, it was a mining city. Resources weren't actually plentiful before the genocide, but at the same time, for a city, Oreburgh was pretty low in population. Looking at it now, not much had changed. Even still, it seemed like things were still in order, for the most part. The machines didn't actually require much human input, and chances are that manual mining was done by the kids, but Mako really wasn't interested in that. He entered the city and no one attacked; in fact, it was rather quiet. All that could be heard were the sounds of rocks being lifted and chiseled out in the distance.

"Hey, kid. Mount Coronet's that way, what are we doin' in this dump?" Kraus asked. Mako looked around, noting the quietness of the town. He started walking, as if he didn't even hear Kraus ask a question. Kraus scoffed, but held off on asking any more questions for the moment. Mako continued to look around, as if he were looking for someone. There weren't many people outside, which was...odd, but he wasn't even disturbed by the fact. "What do ya' think happened to them?"

"You're from around here, you should know," Mako said with a rather snarky attitude.

"Kid, I'm from Unova, I just happened to be in Mount Coronet because someone decided to kill us off, I've been there ever since."

"Wanna kill the guy that did that to you?"

"Dark, I like it. A blow to the face'll set 'em straight." The two of them laughed, which was the first time both of them actually got along, even if the subject matter was dark. Then, abruptly, Mako's laughter stopped and his expression changed dramatically from one of just to one of full blown anger. A man appeared before them with a surprised expression on his face.

" I know you?" asked the man. "I could swear that I've seen you before..." Mako simply glared at the man with eyes filled with spite. "I-is there something you need?" he said, starting to become slightly frightened by Mako's demeanor. Kraus remained silent, trying to figure out what Mako was thinking and how he knew this man. After a few minutes, the man started to walk away nervously, that's when Mako said,


The stopped in his tracks. Actually, froze would be more appropriate. He'd never heard a voice so terrifying in his life. "Mom might be dead because of you," Mako said, keeping firm his demeanor. The man had no idea what he meant, but that's when he put two and two together.

"...M...Mako?" Mako said nothing in response, confirming the man's suspicions. "Mako, it is you! How did you find-"

"Mom would tell me about you, I've always known where you were, I was never able to come here though. Not before now, anyway. Mom had to take on three jobs, do you know the toll that took on her? Do you know the toll that took on me?"

"Mako," the man said, wiping his glasses. "I left your mother because there was no way we could feed-"

"Bullcrap," Mako interrupted. "Mom had to work three jobs to pay for berries, illegal ones. She did it for me, and she worked herself to the bone because you weren't there to help. It doesn't take rocket science to understand how well off we would have been if you had stayed."

"I...see," Mr.Reese said pushing his glasses up. "You're not as dumb as I thought you would be, that's actually quite the assumption for a ten year old child. He turned around and said, "Don't consider me evil, though. The reason I left your mother had nothing to do with you. I love you more than life itself, your mother as well." Mako's expression remained unchanged.

"If you love me so much then why didn't you stay with mom and me?" Mr. Reese remained silent. "Answer me! Do you realize the pain and suffering that I went through as well!? I was turned into a slave and now I have this monster inside of me!" he yelled.

"Ouch, that hurt." Kraus said with a snicker. He decided immediately to remain quiet since he was quite enjoying the drama that was going on in front of him. Mr Reese didn't turn around, but from what Mako could see, he was shaking.

"I..." He started, his speech coming out slow as molasses "This...was all supposed to be for the sake of you and your mother...nothing this bad was supposed to happen." He turned back to his son, tears falling from his eyes. Mako was moved by this, certainly not expecting tears from such a heartless man. "That...that bastard Kalvin...he wasn't supposed to be taking money from us both..."

The name rung in Mako's head. " know Kalvin?"

Alarmed, Mr.Reese said, "Ah! How do you know Kalvin?"

Mako looked away for a moment, not wanting to relive the last few weeks, but finally he said, "for the past couple weeks he's been the only father figure in my life, that and a slave owner. He worked me to the bone to harvest-" Then suddenly it all came together, Kalvin was the one that his mother was getting the berries from, and Mako was the one harvesting them, although not at the same time.

"He...I can't believe Kalvin..." Mr.Reese dropped to his knees with his hands on his face, not able to deal with all that had happened because of him..."But...but your mother needs him to survive. Unfortunately, I haven't even been able to contact him in the past day and a half." Then, as suddenly as he said that, sharp pain went through Mako's head...

Mako was standing in front of a building all of the sudden, a very familiar building. He was holding a Farming Hoe for some reason. Suddenly, the door to the building opened and out came a man he'd become very well acquainted with, Kalvin. "What do you want?" He said in a disgusted tone. "I told you to get back to work! Those bruises are nothing." Mako then took the hoe, brought it from behind his head, and planted it into Kalvin's chest. "Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Kalvin yelled, blood splattering in every direction. Mako started laughing uncontrollably.

"Cree, what a hilarious cry", Mako said, still laughing hysterically. "Y'know dad, I like that name. Creed! What a wonderful name! I'm thankful for that alone, if nothing else!" Kalvin drifted away into the River Styx and once his eyes closed, Mako left the farm, setting fire to it on departure. It was strange, it was as if Mako wasn't in control of his actions, or even his speech, but he felt so...normal.

Then, all at once, he was back in Oreburgh.

"Ah..." he said, holding his head. "Ah...ah..." he repeated, trying to get a grip and understand what had just happened. He started to wobble and tremble out of the city.

"Mako, wait!" his dad yelled, reaching out for him.

Mako turned back to his dad, with a now destitute and completely broken expression, and said, "I...I love you so much, dad," promptly dragging himself out of the city back the way he came in to head towards Mt. Coronet.
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