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    So, I decided to try and sign up. If I missed anything, or neglected to cover a specific detail, please let me know. Hopefully this character is one that would fit into this story.

    Side: Silver Tribe

    Name: Genevieve L’esprit

    Gender: Female

    Age: 27

    Title: The Siren (Bestowed upon her by others due to her ability to lure, create trust, and then betray them.)

    Pokemon Species: Gardevoir


    Manipulative, cunning and devious. All are words commonly used to accurately describe Genevieve. A known seductress and tactician, Genevieve is not above using every potential asset to her advantage. Being an accomplished combatant is one thing, however, her mind is what truly excels in combat situations. Both in a physical and metaphysical sense, she uses her mind as her greatest of all weapons. Her mind aids her in such things as strategy, foresight and in a more physical sense telekinesis. She is extremely intelligent, one not to be underestimated.

    In comparison however, she is not what one would consider the “best” front line combatant. Capable yes, one on one fair fights, no. Not that Genevieve pursues or even participates in “fair” fights. If she senses that a battle is not going her way, she will cut her losses and live to fight another day. What many would call cowardice, she calls intelligence.

    In her mind, real battles are fought and won in the mind and manipulation of lesser beings. Kings and queens win wars, at the necessary expense of pawns.

    She finds men to be quaint, and easy to manipulate. Traits that she uses to her advantage whenever possible. Men tend to underestimate her only at their own downfall. This pattern of behavior has caused the creation of her title “The Siren.” One who is seductively beautiful and beguiling, who lures others to their own destruction.

    That above all else is how she views others, disposable. Those under her, those who claim to be her equal, and even those who claim to be her superior.

    A once passionate and loving creature, now relegated to suffering from internal torment and emotional wounds that refuse to heal. The power once used to protect those she loved and cared about, now a force of great peril and loathing. One would consider her abusive, coldblooded, and yet in a sense frail and exposed. It is not completely known what caused this dissolution of her personality. True feelings and love still remain, however they are used to her advantage. Once where her heart once harbored nothing but love and devotion, is now replaced by a blackness seemingly impermeable by any light.

    Born to two loving parents, Genevieve was raised in what can only be considered an ideal atmosphere. Nurtured and cared for to the extreme, these are two qualities that came to personify Genevieve herself. Raised in the countryside, Genevieve quickly separated herself from her peers. She was unwilling to hurt even a caterpie, the kindness and love in her heart knew no bounds.

    Time moved quickly for her, as it seems to do when one gets older. The years quickly progressed, molding her into the individual she had wanted to become. The talents of her mind quickly became manifest. Many respected her as a prophetess and stood in awe of her clairvoyance. Her talents became known throughout the land, drawing many to her for demonstrations. The futures she saw however, were nothing more than a parlor trick, simple things deduced by her skills of observation and perception. These future predictions of hers, however accurate they proved to be, were nothing more than a charade.

    She had never truly mastered the future sight ability, a source of great shame to her. This did not however, mean that her abilities were any less impressive. It wasn’t long until many Pokemon, for many different reasons attempted to recruit her for one cause after another. Nothing truly appealed to her, many simply trying to use her for self gain. However, one day someone did make her a most tempting offer. The potential to use her abilities for good and protection of others. The chance to join a force called the Gold Tribe.

    Genevieve jumped at the chance. She quickly began to train and achieve a many great things she previously thought unattainable by herself. Instructors were less impressed by her skills in combat, than they were by her skills in dictating plans and coordinating squad efforts. Not that they considered her an inferior warrior, just one who was better suited not serving as a vanguard on the front lines.

    After many years, she did truly excel her in her capacities. She loved her comrades and the people she served under. The opportunity to travel outside the Alpha Alliance was one she jumped at. It is not known what happened to her from that point on until her return. She came back a changed Pokemon, the now conquering silver tribe razing the land and nation with her in tow with no objection. Many wonder what happened to her, the former loving creature now replaced with a damaged and broken conquerer.

    Moveset: Psychic, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Attract.
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