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    Wyatt Donaghue

    After a few minutes of running around the school, opening doors to other classes in session, apologizing profusely, and continuing his search, Wyatt finally arrived at Fantina's Ghost-Type Specialist class. "...So sorry..." he huffed, totally out of breath, "...late...sorry...lost...Miss Fantina..." Fantina was behind her desk. "Ohohoho! Ce n'est pas grave, monsieur...?" After catching his breath, Wyatt continued. "Wyatt Donaghue, ma'am." He took a seat towards the back of the room. Boo floated in behind him, and laughed when he saw Fantina. The Gastly floated around her, chuckling and smiling. "Bon! -Oh, such a lovely Gastly! I remember when mon ami was such a youngling..." A Gengar materialized from out of the blackboard, and made a silly face at Boo. Boo laughed heartily, and made a face back at the Gengar, before floating over to Wyatt, who smiled at the sight of such an advanced Pokemon. I can't wait until Boo grows up, too!

    "Now, monsieur Wyatt, we were just about to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our beloved Ghost type. Would you care to share your thoughts...?" Fantina asked Wyatt. He cleared his throat, and proceeded to answer the question. "Ghost type Pokemon are weak against Dark and Psychic attacks, but their attacks are strong against Ghost and Psychic types. Ghost type moves are only half as effective against Dark and Steel types, and are completely ineffective against Normal types--but Ghost Pokemon are resistant to Bug and Poison attacks, and are immune to Normal and Fighting type moves." "Fantastique, Wyatt, very good!" Fantina beamed. Wyatt blushed a bit.

    "Perhaps a demonstration of type immunities. I have borrowed a Rattata--Wyatt, would you come up here again, with that lovely Gastly?" Wyatt nodded and headed back to the front of the room, with Boo in tow. Fantina withdrew a pokeball, and sent out a puny looking Rattata. Boo floated over to it. "Rattata, darling, tackle that Gastly, would you?" The Rattata nodded and hurled itself at Boo--and passed right through the Gastly's body, landing on the other side of the room. "Monsieur Wyatt, a Ghost type move, please?" Wyatt nodded, and turned to Boo. "Boo--use Shadow Ball on that Rattata!" The Gastly cackled, and unleashed a dark, pulsating ball of energy that raced towards the little rat Pokemon--and did nothing, simply fading out of existence as it impacted the Pokemon. The Rattata shook its head, as if unsure of what just happened. "Bon. You may return to your desk. Thank you, Wyatt." Fantina returned the Rattata to its pokeball, and Wyatt, with Boo in tow, headed back to his desk.
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