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Originally Posted by miksy91
Now that you've patched the "overworld hack" to an umodified rom, create another patch to remove it. You can simply use Lunar Ips and use the rom the hack is applied to as Unmodifed rom and the clean rom as Modified rom. Then the program creates the patch file so that it changes the data back to normal when applied to your hack.
I should have mentioned that the rom I want to fix is my hack that I am currently working on, which has a bunch of other stuff implemented. Won't patching it with this fix overwrite the stuff I have done? Obviously, I don't want that.

Also if the ips-file is checked with a hex editor, you can see what it actually writes and where and find how it's causing the bug that way. May be a bit too complicated though but I was to use that hack and see if it really works, I'd go for it.
Your wording here is a bit confusing...but I think I get the overall gist. I'll give this a shot. Thanks.


I did another test with this hack, and I discovered that while I can't surf with what is implemented through the hack applier, surf still works if JPAN's ENTIRE engine is patched to the rom. Does anybody know why this might be? The reason I ask is because I still very much would like the overworld hack to be a part of my hack, if possible.

To me it seems like there is a discrepancy between what the applier patches and what the patch patches. Does anyone know where (or how I might find) the data for the overworld hack in an engine-patched rom? If I could get that data and move it to my hack (overwriting what the applier put) that might solve this problem.

Thanks for any help!