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    Andrew Thomas

    Andrew was sat at his desk idly chatting to the meagre gathering of students sat before him as the door to his room burst open once more.
    “Sorry I'm late. Deladius, Isaac. Held up by the offices,” The boy said as he walked through the doorway.
    “Pleasure to meet you Isaac, but try to be on time next lesson. Don’t worry you haven’t missed anything this time. We’re late to start and I was just taking the time to get to know some of your classmates. Take your seat and we’ll begin,” As he said this Andrew rose from his seat and rolled his lab coat sleeves up. “Right! I am Professor Thomas and this….is Pokemon Biology!” Andrew’s voice was laden with passion as he spoke to the sea of blank and bored faces before him. He pulled a small black remote from his lab coat pocket and clicked a button. A slight whirring was heard as the projector mounted on the ceiling burst into life and a slide appeared displaying exactly the information he had just told the class. Grinning with relief, that his laptop and the projector were working, he focused back on the class. “Okay! I know this all sounds very boring and you’d much rather be out battling but trust me when I say its more useful to trainers than it seems!” His grin widened as he continued with his speech, “In this class I will teach you things like how pokemon use moves and why you only find pokemon in specific places. You aren’t playing some silly turn based game after all! You need to know how moves work so you can use them effectively and in different ways; you need to know just what sorts of pokemon you can expect to find in the deepest, darkest caves or the depths of the ocean! In essence this class will aim to show you just what makes pokemon tick and THAT is valuable knowledge whatever you do with your pokemon!” Beaming at the class Andrew now saw that the students had perked up slightly. “Any questions?”
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