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"Didn't question it being important. simply stated that the location of pokemon is something easily factored into a pokedex. At least on mine it is. it takes the locations where certain pokemon are found and factors those factors in to locate other highly possible locations. I mean I have that as an app on my poketech. Yeah I'm a Johto. Ya know its because of my giving answers like this that I failed the writen test. No body seems to get what my points are. My point here being I think it will be interesting to learn why my Typhlosion can shoot fire of his back and why my trapinch jsut happens to have infinite sand coming otu of his belly. Just no the rest of the stuff." Isaac said being perfectly honest.

Then things got a bit screwy. Tach's pokeball fell off Isaac's belt as he put his pokedex back, and the little seedot was sent out.

"Oh and why Tach always get's into sticky situations..." Isaac sighed.
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