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    Andrew Thomas

    Andrew listened as the boy answered once again. Smiling he said, “Well I stand by my earlier point Mr Deladius. The pokedex and your poketech are only as good as the programmers and technicians that created them. If you visit a new region and do not have the pokedex or indeed poketech data available then the machines become useless. But we are going in circles and we’ve made our points please just accept that you need to know these things if only because you are not allowed a pokedex or poketech in the exam. Any other questions?”
    After a few seconds of silence Andrew clicked the button on his remote to change the slide. A small dot appeared on the screen and swept along the title of the slide as Andrew used the remote as a laser pointer. “Okay this slide is a quick introduction of myself. I’m Professor Thomas, as you already know, and I’m a Pokemon Biologist. I’ve only recently attained my doctorate with my thesis focusing on the origins of pokemon biodiversity. We may touch on this later but for now if you want to know more come and see me after class. I’ll be happy to elaborate. This is also my first teaching post so be gentle with me!” Chuckling at his joke Andrew clicked the button on his remote and the projector turned off. “That’s it for the presentation. Let’s do something more interesting. Isaac as you were the only one to ask any questions thus far come and stand here in front of the class and release a pokemon of your choice.” Andrew stood to one side and waited for the boy to rise.
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