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First off: You don't need four Garbodor. a 4-3 line would be max. Honestly, though, most lists run two. But, the Garbodor line isn't what I'm most concerned about. It's Emolga. Seriously, if you're gonna run 4, don't run that many supporters. I would run 3 or 2 Emolga and add in a few more Terrakion. And also, use 4 Juniper and 2 Cheren. Cheren is just slow, and Juniper isn't. Yes it does get you closer to decking out, so maybe 3 Juniper 3 Cheren? idk...

Terrakion isn't my favorite. Personally, I like Zebstrika better because your list would completely shut down your opponent with Trainer/Ability lock with hammers. You could always run both, though I would do this.

4-3 Zebstrika
3-3 Garbodor
2 Terrakion / T-EX
2 Emolga

But in the end, Terrakion is always good to counter Darkrai and Eels. ...Geez this is a tough list to make!
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