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    @ heretostay123 Wonder who those two girls are!
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    This curious male followed the Trainer and his Phanpy until they accessed a room along one of the many doctors on board... He immediately lost all interest in this kid. So boring, he needed something to entertain himself with...

    And so he headed to the side deck, and in a blimp of an eye, he caught a passing Pidove with nothing but one Pokeball. He was either lucky of a prodigy, a mix of both, perhaps?

    He sent his new team member out... There was something curious about this Pidove. It had a red colored breast... Was he a fire type? No, that can't be... Pidove doesn't even know how to use ember!


    After being lost in thought, he finally managed to snap out of it, and he took a ticket out of his left pocket, it was the ridiculous lottery that the ship was holding. 10101, a ridiculous number for a ridiculous contest. Yet he couldn't complain, after all, who doesn't like a free Pokemon?

    As a loud voice could be heard, he smiled, because his ridiculous number had won the ridiculous contest... Two new Pokemon in one day... how lucky.

    As he headed into the lobby to claim his prize, he began wondering where she could be, after all, she's the one who forced him to convince Professor Birch to give him his Mudkip, right? At least she could tell him what the rest of the plan is!

    He was asked to fill a small form, so that he doesn't receive a prize Pokemon again, since he will already be possessing one... He stared at what he had wrote in the small form as he received a Cherish Ball containing his new Duskull.

    Mathews Hearton.

    Ginny Dustellar
    "Thanks a lot nurse joy!" She said as she took her Pokeballs back, "Now where could I go now?" She asked herself.

    As she wondered where to go next, she decided to explore the floors in the ship... It didn't take her long to realize most of them had rooms, lots and lots of rooms... Yet the third was promising, lots and lots of Trainers giving Pokemon to each other...

    She came close to a board where those willing to trade can leave any messages to ensure that someone will trade with them. After reading what she considered a rather rude message from a guy named Joey, she decided to go upstairs, but what was waiting for her wasn't another floor...

    A huge battlefield stood in front of her, and luckily, it was empty! At least she could get a chance to fight someone that wouldn't get angry for once! She came closer to it, but then realized she couldn't actually have a fight if there wasn't anyone else...

    "So, are you here to fight someone?" A voice asked. Ginny turned around, and saw another Rich Boy, no... not another, the same one! What was his name again?

    "You..." She yelled as she remembered how pissed he was when he lost, "Are you going to cry again if I beat you?"

    "I didn't cry!" He quickly defended himself, "And I'm not going to lose this time! In fact, why don't we do a little bet? My newly acquired Pokemon for your Blitzle!"

    "Like if you were even going to win!"

    "I'll take that as a yes!" He said while throwing a Pokeball, from which a Murkrow came out.

    "Fine!" Ginny replied, "Go, Voltolon!"