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    1. With what frequency would you suggest submitting chapters?
    With enough time in-between that possible readers have time to read and comment. Typically, I've seen a weekly posting schedule. Others, however, don't post until they have the chapter ready, so it's a more sporadic schedule. So the answer would be: a week is comfortable for readers and writers, but if you take longer, that's fine.

    Don't post too quickly, though. Posting a new chapter every day is too much for someone to handle all at once, especially with a new story.

    2. What is a chapter? Like what would be considered a "submittable" chapter
    Best answer I've seen for Pokemon fanfics in particular: think of each chapter as an episode of a television show. But if that's not more of your style (it's what I do with both my 'mon fics), then just make sure that your chapters are long enough to be satisfying (without being massively long) and can maybe do just a little bit to move the plot along, if you really don't want to have BIG PLOT THING happen in every chapter.

    3. Should a Pokemon fanfic be happy, or adventurous? My current FanFic is a darker story of the main character's life.
    Whatever the story calls for. If you have an idea for a sad fic, that's fine. A comedy idea? That's fine too. A Pokemon fanfic doesn't have to be happy or an adventure. It can be any genre.

    5. Would I have to completely follow pokemon cannon?
    It's best to do it as much as you can. If you want to break from canon, then make sure that you have a really good story reason for it. You can't change something just because you want to. Like a Pokemon can't learn a random attack that it doesn't learn and would have no way of ever learning just to make the story easier to write. Part of the difficulty and fun of writing a fanfic is working in the universe with the rules it gives you.

    5b. If so which cannon is considered cannon, the manga(havent read), games, or anime?
    Depends which world you want to write in. I write in the anime universe, so I stick with anime canon. Others stick to game canon because that's the world they write it. Others write canon. Check out the rules of each one and see which one really appeals to you, or which one the story calls for. (Like the reason I write in the anime universe is because a main character doesn't appear in any other canon.)

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