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    Originally Posted by EvilSkittles View Post
    Well I'm one of those people that writes by the seat of his pants. Useful for whipping out a paper in comp, not so much for putting together a story. I can plan who I want and the general direction but everything else I just have to wait for. Like now, I have what looks to be my ending and lots of middle but no beginning.
    I do that too! When I write, I tend to go "Here are my characters. Here's where and how I want them to end up. Let's send them on that goal and see what happens!"

    P.S: I didn't think about getting a beta, I really thought you would need to be almost finished before getting someone to look at it.
    Nope. If you have any bit of your story to look after and know what kind of beta you need, you can ask for one.
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