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Magazine leaks! Dunno how accurate. Nabbed the link off someone I follow on Twitter who is pretty quick with Square-Enix news.

The first image is a quick quote from the director of TWEWY (just the iOS version maybe? idk). The sentence with the read highlight reads as follows:
Because we are in the midst of preparing a lot of [content], please play the SoloRemix [while you are waiting*]
* this part is cut off so I'm guessing. Also the rest of the paragraph is generic "please play this port it is good we promise :)".

So that's exciting. And certainly a better deal than just a port whether it's a new addition to the IP instead or additional content for the iOS version. I'm kind of content either way since there's no way I'm buying the iOS version unless they add something. Hoping it implies the iOS game is just to tide us over for something better, though. Pleeease.

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