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    Wyatt Donaghue (Classroom)

    After many minutes of note taking, Fantina arose from behind her desk. "Alors, I feel it is time for another demonstration; Ghost type moves! As monsieur Wyatt noted earlier, they are most effective against Ghost and Psychic Pokemon, less effective against Dark and Steel Pokemon, and totally ineffective against Normal type Pokemon. A commonality of Ghost type moves is the confusion or debilitation of the opponent, vous savez? As one might expect, the nature of ghosts is that of surprise, fear, confusion...They use their tricks to their advantage in battle and so, we demonstrate!"

    A student was chosen at random to come up to the front of the room to aid in the demonstration; a young girl, who seemed a bit nervous. "It is alright, mon cheri. Call out your Pokemon." The girl smiled and nodded, and released her Pokemon--a Stunky. "Ooh, interesting! Observe, my dears; attacks may be none too effective against a Dark type Pokemon--a Stunky being half Dark type--but the nature of debilitating moves like Hypnosis or Confuse Ray makes this irrelevant. These moves do not cause direct harm, and can still affect such Pokemon. Bon--Gengar, come out, dear!" Fantina's Gengar phased through the blackboard, and stood before the Stunky. "Gengar, use Hypnosis on the Stunky."

    The Gengar waved its hands in a circular motion, and stared down the Stunky, unblinking. Waves of energy radiated forth from the Ghost Pokemon, and the Stunky swayed from side to side, yawned, then lay still, fast asleep. "Such moves as Hypnosis can make a battle that much easier. It does not directly harm your opponent, but it can make your next move that much easier. You may return to your seat, dear--do not worry, your Stunky will soon awake, unharmed." The student picked up her Stunky, and returned to her seat.

    Wyatt scribbled down notes in a workbook, while his Gastly looked around the classroom.
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