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Plasma Pokemon Monthly Giveaway

Team Plasma FC: 4256-4231-2467
Limit: 1 per customer

Every month I will be making a new Plasma Pokemon available, for you to enjoy! All Plasma Pokemon feature an OT I created specifically for this section of my trade thread, named Plasma. Plasma Pokemon can have a variety of features, including a guaranteed high stat, Nature, Egg Moves, and sometimes Hidden Abilities! These Pokemon are NOT fake event Pokemon, and should not be treated like events. They are simply standard bred Pokemon from me, to you.

Plasma Eevee
Nature: Random
Ability: Random
-Helping Hand
-Fake Tears

In honor of the Plasma Freeze TCG set being released this month, I bred Plasma Eevee! The set features every Eeveelution in the series to date (excluding Sylveon), and so it seemed an appropriate choice for this month's Plasma Pokemon!

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