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Regal Gemini
Chapter 3: Women

"First the princess and now my there some reason the opposite sex has it out for me, or am I just that unlucky with women?" Regal said to himself, retracing Setsuka's steps. He wouldn't dare go against his sister's word, she has a very passive-aggressive way about her, and she's quite irritable when it came to her brother and his affection. Still, he was rather disappointed that she shot him down right after meeting up with her again from being gone for a year. Then again, she's always been like that.

"Hey you!" A strong female voice yelled, running towards Regal. Regal turned around with a big smile and opened his arms.

"Little sis, you finally decided to come aro-" it wasn't his sister, but by the time he found out that it wasn' was too late. Something came in contact with his stomach. Hard. An intense pain came over him before he even had time to comprehend what had just happened. His body started being dragged backwards, and his feet tried to stay on the ground for as long as possible, traction and friction rising. Then, they gave up, rising from the ground, causing Regal to fly backwards, his arms and legs flailing along the way. Had there not been a side to the ship, Regal would have almost certainly flown indefinitely. Regal hit the wall, creating a loud metallic sound, causing his beanie to almost fall off and him to just barely avoid losing consciousness. Regal let out something of a gasp as he hit the wall.

"Hey, you! Get up and fight me like a man!" Regal would have gladly done so, but he was unable to move. He struggled to raise his head to see his assailant.


She was standing a distance away with her leg still in place. She regained her posture and said, "I said get up!"

Ugh...not another one... he thought, as he sat against the wall, assaulted.

"Why are you just walking, GET CRACKING!" she yelled. "Seka just wanted a nice battle and you had to go and shoot at her?"

"Seka? Do you mean the princ-"

"Oh my gosh!" a voice came from the crowd that had formed after Regal was hit. A girl came running through, her eyes wet from crying.


She got down on her knees to be eye level with him. "Oh God, are you okay?" she asked, seemingly incredibly worried about him. She turned to Maylene and said, "May-May, that was going too far."

Maylene shrugges and responded, "Hey, it got you out here, didn't it?" Setsuka gasped and then turned to Regal. "Although maybe that was a too hard," she continued with a quieter voice

Regal coughed, trying to catch his breath. "Hey...Princess...I really am sorry about the match earlier, you don't need to apologize about earlier, I was kind of...kind of a jerk." He struggled to stand up, gasping and coughing all the way.

"Hey, don't try to stand, you'll hurt yourself!" She said, making sure he wouldn't fall back down.

"Princess, I'd appreciate it if you worried about yourself for now,; after all," he pulled out two pokeballs. "We have a match to finish." Setsuka waited for a moment, and then her face lit up more than ever before.

She ran over to Maylene's side and said, "You ready, May-May?"

"Ready as I'll ever be, Seka!"

Regal Vs.
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