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Kilik Chambers - Mr. Ryan's Classroom

Mew? Rayquaza? I was still wondering about the legendary Pokemon we were gonna learn about. That is until someone interrupted my thoughts. I looked straight forward to see a teacher slightly nervous. "Uhmm, hello there?" he greeted questionably. He must be Mr. Ryan, Kilik's teacher for this class.

"Interested in Legends are you?" he asked. What else would I be interested in? Yaiba at the moment was still sharpening his shells. Why did I mention that? I faced Mr. Ryan with a straight face.

"You must be Mr. Ryan. Yeah, it's just the thing I need actually," I replied. "What lesson are we gonna learn today? & where's the other students?" I hoped the other students from this class would get here soon. Who were the students for this class again?

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