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October Carter -

With Tantor trudging beside her and Zazu flying around her head, October began to wonder what exactly it was that the Geologist asked her to get for him. He had only left her a note asking for the favour, not alluding to any other details that would make October’s venture that much easier. A shabby, half-made wooden sign was the only signal that Atara Village ended and the first route began; the sand ground of Atara Village merging with the soft, bracken ridden ground of Route One.

October was about to step in when she caught a man pacing off to her left; the same man that had dragged her into his house last night. Wanting answers and fast, October turned and walked over to the man. “Thank you for last night, I don’t think I would have made it out alive if it wasn’t for your help,” she began, wanting to make sure he understood how grateful she was, “but which Pokémon and what item am I meant to be recovering for you?” She didn’t have time to muck around; as always Laughner would probably be getting annoyed at the lack of progress.

“ Oh! Hello there!" The Geologist spun around as October started to talk to him. "You're perfectly welcome, ma'am. I treat a lot of wounds caused by the rough Pokémon here." He gave a laugh and shook his head.

"I guess you read my letter. Um, sorry, what was the problem?"

"I need to know which Pokémon has the item you requested me to get and what item it is before I run off blindly into the route." October let a hint of annoyance creep into her voice, not intentionally, but she wasn't one to muck around.

"Right, sorry, I misheard you. Yes! My letter, see, I'm a little forgetful. Um... that's right! The one that has the rare thing... yes. Oh, um, what was its name again? Uhh..." Boone tapped his chin, trying to remember. "Well, it's a rare one. People don't see it often. Haha," he shook his head. "This is so terrible of me! It's a good thing I'm a Geologist and not a Pokémon professor. Study of the earth, you know? What a Pokémon professor be called? A Pokéologist? Does that make sense?"

It was obvious that Tristan Boone was not quite all there. A sandwich short of a picnic. A few cents short of a dollar.

"Now, um... It... stands on two legs and has a tail. And... oh dear. I'm sorry, I can't remember its name. Only that it's quite important. I'm very sorry I can't be anymore helpful."

October was starting to get a bit frustrated now, his answer had been quite vague and there were almost a hundred different Pokemon that stood on two legs and had tails; how many of them existed in this Route? "Do you remember any other features?" she asked impatiently, "Colour? Fur? Scales?" anything that could help her to narrow down which of the hundred possible pokemon it could be.

Boone frowned, trying to remember more. He couldn't. "I'm sorry, I've only been told stuff about it. I've never seen one. But I'll pay you handsomely if you find it! 2000P! How does that sound?"

October let out a sigh, 2000P was a nice amount, but she had very little information about it. "That sounds....great" she added a little unenthusiastically, "but what about the object you want? What is it?"

"It... it's... it carries it with it all of the time. I'm sorry ma'am, but that's all I have. Now, if you please, I need to get back to my work." And with that, Tristan Boone walked back into Atara Village.

From: Jude Laughner (07:23)
To: PANDORA GROUP (Iruzja Aleksandrov, Richard Lee Ambrose, October Ca...)
(Click to continue group)
Subject: Good morning all!

Hello, dear friends. I hope you all had an interesting last three days and are well into your adventure to search for the treasure of Pandora. I'm using my satellites right now to see you from above and you all look like you're getting along fine with your Pokémon. That's excellent! They will be your greatest ally and most useful tool to try and survive Pandora. Remember, Pandora is said to be rebuilt by Pokémon, so you may only have one chance to have another Pokémon interpret you plundering their castles.

In other news, you're all doing a fine job so far. If you need any help progressing, do not hesitate to message me back. I am getting different words from different people all of the time on this side and your side of the world. Knowledge will serve you well on your expedition.

Well, that's all! Have a fun day today!

October read the message that beeped up on her PokeDex from Laughner, dismissing it quickly as it had little information on it about their mission at hand nor the one she was undertaking for the Geologist. With Tantor and Zazu by her side she journey into the rather worn path of the first route. In the trees on the edge of the path bugs and bird pokemon hid in the trees, safe from the human travellers whom frequented the path. October even caught a glimpse of two Pokémon, possibly Pikachu, running after each other in the shrubbery, but nothing she could fit to the description or lack thereof she had been given.

Of course, the only way she would be able to find this rare Pokémon would be by going off the unbeaten path and so a little way in she took a sharp turn, hopping over the shrubbery that lined the route and began to walk north-west, keeping the path on her right side while venturing further into the wilds of the route.

It didn’t take her long before something snagged her food and October went tumbling to the ground; almost crashing into Tantor on the way. When she tried to get up she felt something glue like slicking to her body, keeping her from moving. Tantor and Zazu were frantic about October’s dilemma, but even more afraid as a conglomeration of Spinarak, Weedle and Caterpie came at them from all sides.

Zazu began weaving in and out of the low hanging treeline as String Shot attacks fired at him from all directions, several catching him and slowing him down. “Zazu, Leech Life!” October yelled as he took on a Caterpie who tried String Shot to slow the Zubat down and ground the bat before tackling him.

“Tantor! Growl!” October order and Tantor let out a half-hearted growl, still a little young to have the full effect, but still managing to make some of the Pokémon shudder. “Tackle!” She called out again as the young Phanpy barrelled in to a Caterpie then a Spinarak while taking Poison Stings from a Weedle.

“Zazu, Supersonic!” October only just remembered the Pokémon knew that move as he dove and swirled, firing sonic bursts wildly; some of them hitting. “Follow up by Leech Life then Supersonic again! Keep the rotation!” Zazu let out a cry before biting the opposing Caterpie with its fangs, sapping it’s life then confusing it. Within five minutes a whole pile of Spinarak, Caterpie and Weedle began fighting each other, running into things or generally being confused, but still managed to hit Zazu enough to tire him out.

Tantor, Defence Curl, Tackle, Growl, Tackle, you’re doing great, just keep the rotation going!” October watched helplessly as the young, strong headed Phanpy curled into a ball as Caterpie tackled into it, running back at them by following up with a tackle. He growled once again at the bugs before tackling a Spinarak giving him a hard time.

Struggling against the silk, she managed to free her arm enough to free the knife from her backpack before slashing at the silk that help her captive. Once free, she ran over to Phanpy, spraying it’s body with one of the potions, watching the small, blue elephant become more revived, attacking more vigorously as bug Pokémon after bug Pokémon fell to the ground, beaten. October did the same to Zazu cheering both of them on.

Three, four, five, six bug Pokémon corpses littered the floor as Tantor and Zazu fought bravely. A screech from above announced the arrival of Hoothoot and Pidgey causing the remaining bug Pokémon scatter as the bird Pokémon came down to feed on the corpses of the bug Pokémon.

“Let’s get out of here before we get into a fight with these things,” October told her Pokémon before pushing further north-west.

It didn’t take them long before they stumbled onto a small clearing, October falling to her knee and holding the two Pokémon back as she watched from the shrubbery at the lone Bulbasaur plod along laxly on its path.

“Zazu, Supersonic,” October whispered and the Zubat fired a sonicwave, confusing the Bulbasaur, “Tantor, Tackle it!” She said much louder as the Phanpy launched itself out of the bushes, ploughing into the small Pokémon.

Two on one was unfair, but that was a standard Pokemon fight, out here in the wilds, anything goes. “Zazu, Leech Life, Tantor, Tackle!” October ordered again As the Bulbasaur pushed through the confusing, landing Leech Seeds on both Tantor and Zazu, leaching their life bit by bit while rejuvenating its own. While Tantor was taking the most damage from the Leech Seeds, Zazu was doing major damage to the Bulbasaur with its Leech Seed.

The Bulbasaur continued to tackle Tantor back as the two clashed together again and again; Tantor slowly coming off worse until a tackle brought Tantor to his knees.

“Tantor, return,” October pulled the Phanpy back into the safety of its PokeBall, not wanting it to get hurt as the Bulbasaur now turned its attention to Zazu; the bat confusing the Dinosaur even more by running it in circles.
October saw her chance as the Bulbasaur crashed into a tree root in confusing, panting heavily and seemingly beat, “hold back, Zazu,” she ordered the Zubat as she tossed a PokeBall at the weakened Bulbasaur. The ball soon clicked and she waited patiently for the Bulbasaur to stop fighting, hoping that it didn’t possess the energy to break out of the ball.
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