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    (Hope it's not too late!)

    Scaring Chris Handing Mingle Organs Rich Giggling Leopard Evens.

    And, I'm going to take a crack at Umbr30n's post. XD


    Mega Earning Grading Add Burning Apps Zucchini Is Nuisance Globally Late Onset Legoes Doing Onions Tripping Racing Omnipotent Life Losing Forgoes Opening Your Orders Unifying Golden Out Lute Dream Ribbon Eat Digging Black Lights After Running Zebstrika Yodeling Xebec Quarter Lulz On Laughing Oder Loops Obsessing Lagotic Points Ointment Increased Nitrogen Table Socks Ontario Bedding Eagle Dance Inuit Adversary Never Ceasing Eclipse Winter Isn't Nail Winning Iamb Naos Pointy Octopus Insisting Negative Treasure Zeta Yabba Zel Xylem Only Lazy Orbit Lacks Zip Zone.

    Doesn't make sense, but it's all the letters. XD

    My word: