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For me, I have a few to say:

Larvesta - Oh man I had to train that thing like hell before I could get that Volcarona but I eventually did in the end. Level 59 is just way too late for a Bug-type, not to mention Larvesta's stats are all terrible other than Attack which should never be trained.

Deino - Even though its final evo (Hydreigon) looks so epic and strong, the problem is evolving this little guy to even get there. I mean, Level 50 and 64? When I saw that, I went "WTF?". However, that didn't stop me from raising one into a Hydreigon and even though it has to endure through the unfortunate Hustle ability until then the strength when it finally evolves is worth it.

Vullaby/Rufflet - They evolve at Level 54. Way too late for a Flying-type.

I mean, Generation 5 despite being my fave generation, has Pokemon that evolve way too late.
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