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    Originally Posted by shinyabsol1 View Post
    I should have mentioned that the rom I want to fix is my hack that I am currently working on, which has a bunch of other stuff implemented. Won't patching it with this fix overwrite the stuff I have done? Obviously, I don't want that.
    No it doesn't. Just think about it!
    Lunar IPS is a program that creates patch files comparing the datas of two roms with another. If the two files are exactly the same, it gives some sort of error message like "Patch file does simply nothing.". Basically, when you start editing a clean FireRed rom and apply it the overworld hack, Lunar Ips transfers the data of the overworld hack into FireRed rom.

    Let's assume the following:
    0x12A056 (this would be one offset to write to)
    06 2A 88 95 FE (bytes to write to 0x12A056)
    0x28B522 (another offset to write to)
    72 6B CC D7 AA (bytes to write to offset 0x28B522)

    Basically, let's assume that this is what the overworld hack does. It writes those bytes in those rom addresses. If you then again create another patch file using this "overworld hack" -rom as unmodified rom and clean FireRed rom as modified rom, this is what the patch file would turn out:

    0x12A056 (offset to write to)
    9A FF 00 F0 (original bytes of FireRed rom that would be replaced in 0x12A056)
    0x28B522 (offset to write to)
    BB AA BA 9A B7 (original bytes of FireRed rom that would be replaced in 0x28B522)

    This simple process goes straight as a "hack remover". If you wanted to remove only parts of it, you'd have to investigate properly what it does though.
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