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I was Eevee in Blue Rescue Team, Chimchar in Time, and Eevee again in Sky. I eventually restarted Blue because, for the love of me, I couldn't recruit Mew. I had gotten every legendary except that thing. I was also at Lucario Rank, and evolved my two. I had an Espeon + Blaziken combination. I started over, and couldn't get Skitty in Blue. I kept getting Eevee, so I gave up and relinquished on the Eevee anyway. This time, I recruited Mew on the first try. Freaking bugger annoyed me.

Anyhoots, in Time, I have a Pikachu. Seriously. Pikachu is one of the best starter/partners for Time, Darkness, and Sky. Has Discharge, with the chance of paralysis, plus Agility to spam speed the team up. Also has the Stair Sensor IQ and Trap Seer and Trap Avoider. Treecko's just as good, just doesn't have a room clearer move. (Treecko + Pikachu = best partners) Sky, I had Riolu as a partner. And before anyone says anything, I had given Eevee Shadowball and Dig. So we killed Dialga at the end easily. Oh, and as for my restart of Blue Rescue, I picked Torchic again as my partner. I was going to get Pikachu, but every time I refreshed the partner page in Blue, it wouldn't give me Pikachu. :/ I would reset the game all over again, but I'll lose Mew and Kecleon (yes I recruited one, so hard...) forever.

All right, I'll stop now, but that's my share. Heheh.
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